Size 2005 | 48"H x 48"W | Mixed-media on canvas Categories , , ,

This mixed-media piece is a dreamscape from my Magical Realism period. I laid this dream down during a time of trauma in my life and sure enough, it tells the tale of darkness, death and scorched earth. My solace is that the big clumsy heart is getting away, it will be safe and will root again in a place of love. Due to the weight and almost 3-D texture of the mixed-media dreamscapes, the originals are one-of-a-kind and have a higher price point than my oil and acrylic paintings. That said, for those who would like a reproduction, please know that all the dreamscape pieces (and all artwork created pre-2013) were scanned on an immense ‘Cruise Scanner’ in Los Angeles, literally the biggest and best scanner in the US. The detail and resolution of the prints is beyond imaginable and the texture and dimensionality come through in incredible accuracy. This unique, highly-textured, emotionally-evocative piece is created on a 1.5-inch wrapped canvas and arrives ready to hang.