Everlasting Light


Size 1996 | 26"H x 36"W | Acrylic on paper Categories , ,

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Now we are at the beginning, where it all began at Wild Carrots in Point Reyes, California, a process group for women that was led by an artist in her immense art studio. She would lead us in a meditation, there were 6-7 of us, and then in silence we would all go wherever we wanted in the huge space and create whatever we wanted for about 90 minutes, after which we would share with each other. I always went for the paints. This highly emotional painting is done partly with brush, partly with fingers. I let the loose acrylics flow across the paper, sometimes thick, sometimes thin, following my intuition on both what and how to paint. It was a blank paper and then there was this. Magic. This emotionally-intense painting is professionally matted and framed under no-glare UV glass and arrives ready to hang.