Hot Town


Size 1998 | 15"H x 30"W | Acrylic on canvas Categories , ,

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I don’t where I get these names! Actually, I do. Teddi, my dear and creative friend who did my second website (long ago), and I fell into a massive spontaneous re-naming vortex one day and gave many of the early paintings fresh new names. Hot Town, Summer in the City — you see where we were going?!. But there’s more: My first studio in New Hampshire was on the second floor of a crazy old building in the 300-year-old town — excuse me, hot town — of Wilton. It had these super tall wooden windows, the ceilings must have been 20 feet high, and they overlooked an alley with a stunning little flower garden tended by an elderly gentleman. Hot Town (and Summer in the City) are inspired by this little plot of flowers looked at from on high. Hot Town is my first canvas painting (Summer in the City my last paper painting). It was the beginning of the emotive canvas painting era of my early acrylic years, the paint thrown down as generously as the flowers.