Need To Be Koi


Size 2017 | 38"H x 57"W | Oil on canvas Categories , , , , ,

I went koi crazy — which is safer than boy crazy. I wanted to paint this flashing energetic gem so I had a custom canvas made and painted 26 of them! Like I say, definitely safer. But first I needed to see what they looked like, so I literally spent hours skimming thousands of koi photos on the internet before being stopped in my tracks and buying a photo by Zainal Baharum from which this painting is adapted and who I want to thank for the opportunity to get to know the likes of “inspector Clouseau”, “bug out bob”, “the stud”, “palomino” and the rest of the party. You each won my heart — biggest thanks of all go to you. This evocative painting is done in a loose impressionistic style that fits the kinetic energy and emotional intimacy of the subject. It is done on a 1.5-inch wrapped canvas and arrives ready to hang.