Once Upon a Blue-Green Planet


Size 2013 | 18"H x 24"W | Oil on canvas Categories , ,

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As part of a continuing series of cosmic elements that make up our beautiful world, I present Water, the liquid. The most miraculous of substances, water actually has four life-giving phases, not just three. My first career was as a hydrogeologist (water geologist), but I ended up jettisoning that career because politics trumped science at every turn (yes, even in 1980 and even in Oregon). Later I wrote a little book about the cosmos and it was this book that got me to Wild Carrots art studio in 1996 thinking I could paint the images for it. Instead I had a full on art attack there (I talk about this in my bio) and was swept off into art from that moment. Now it’s 2013, and I’m finally back to painting the images for the little book! So now you know the story behind the Cosmic Series, which requires 13 paintings altogether.