Opening of the Firmament


Size 2005 | 30"H x 24"W | oil on canvas Categories , , ,

At my first studio in Auburn, California, where this was painted, I had the great fortune to sleep outside five months a year and spent many hours staring at the beautiful night sky. The view of earth in this painting was inspired by a vision I kept having that higher forces of love and goodness were at work guiding humanity toward a peaceful and sustainable future (a big concern for me), and it was as if these forces existed geometrically in space around our planet. I’m just the painter, I don’t know, but as part of my service, I painted it as best I could. It ended up looking like a cross, but it was intended to be the light pouring through the opening in the geometric shape. Another example of the artwork having its own way. This powerful piece is done on a 1.5-inch wrapped canvas and arrives ready to hang.