Pele’s Kitchen


Size 30" h x 40"w | 2022 | oil on canvas Categories , , ,

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Kilauea Crater, Hawaii — Pele is cooking up a storm, or in this case, birthing a brand new batch of primordial earth. Right now, goddess Pele is best seen at night, her fumes glowing in the dark above her home in Kilauea Crater. As a geologist, I can barely describe the thrill of seeing this firsthand. Add the Southern Cross smack overhead, including pointer stars Alpha and Beta Centauri, I was knocked over. Later that night, Pele did just that, lifting me from my bed with a 4.7 magnitude quake, epicenter only a mile away! I used thick expressive brushwork, merging fire engine colors with the velvet night, to bring you this scene of primal power and creativity.

This painting arrives ready to hang on a 1½-inch gallery-wrapped canvas with hand-painted edge.