Pink Dress


Size 2000 | 36"H x 48"W | Oil on canvas Categories , , ,

Swoon. Crush. Heartache. I must admit a special crush on this rose. Soon after this was painted, we had to sell our house. It was a difficult time and a difficult market so I put half of our belongings into storage — this is when my four kids were ages 7-14 — and made the house totally spare with key pieces of art in key locations. This painting was over the bureau facing my bed. I can’t tell you the serenity and calm this piece brought me during this tumultuous and difficult move. I would sit at day’s end and unconsciously stare into the magnetic center of this rose, which held my attention naturally. To this day, I can calm myself just by thinking about this rose. It became a true friend. The house? There’s nothing like fine-art staging. It sold to the first people who walked through.