Sunrise Over a Round Planet


Size 1999 | 70"H x 94"W | Acrylic on board Categories , , ,

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I had an opportunity to hang a very large painting as a temporary installation in a local business in Amherst, New Hampshire. The owner even built me the board to paint it on, the two of us agreeing that I would paint something inspired by the White Mountains. This was a prime example of paintings having their way and the painter being a mere accessory. I could not get inspired, try as I might, by mountains, and despite my best intentions, the painting you see here elbowed its way onto the canvas. Luckily, the owner was accepting of this ultra-contemporary hot-magenta seascape and it hung there until I moved back to California. Done in characteristic thick impasto style with bold brushstrokes and lots of paint, the painting is a classic of my early acrylic era.